Jan 2019

The inaugural edition of the Dubai Policy Review addresses the theme of Public Policy for a Digital Future to highlight a pressing policy dimension in our world today. As you read through the insightful thought-provoking contributions, you will notice that, collectively, they develop a compelling picture of the shape of governance in the future. The fast-paced transformations in the era of digital governance, big data, artificial intelligence and smart cities, are changing the nature of power (Nye), redefining leadership (Linsky and Darabya), and shuffling developmental priorities (Sachs). They are triggering a constant state of wicked challenges (Fountain), revolutionizing citizen-government interactions (Madelin) and disrupting prevailing thinking about public innovation (Bourgon). Meanwhile, these changes are taking place while governments are pressed to develop context-fitting formulas to ensure the quality of government and wellbeing of society (Mahbubani), and to apply brave responses to turbulent economic cycles (Saidi). Yet, these same transformations are accelerating digital government’s contribution to sustainable development (UNDESA), creating opportunities for open government in the region (UNESCWA), triggering prospects of a new digital economy (World Bank) and enabling widely innovative government responses (OECD). The policy recommendations presented in each of these insightful articles provide a wealth of evidence-based policy options for government leaders.